Engraving Customization

Engravings are available on Models A12 and above. Customized design is quoted by special request.

Classic Design

We offer two standard designs for flutists to choose from, which are handmade by award-winning craftsmen in Japan. Please consult your regional Altus Distributors for more information about the design. (See Spec) This floral design is our flagship and default for any engraving request if no specification.

Custom Design

Custom design is also available, quoted by request. Flutist can either consult or prepare your own graphic design to consult with the local or regional distributor.

Standard Design - Lipplate

Lipplate standard engraving designLipplate standard engraving design

Standard Design - Key

Key standard engraving designKey standard engraving design

Standard Design - Crown

Flute head cap standard engraving designFlute head cap standard engraving design