Altus Scale

The Altus Scale allows players to produce a sound with the correct harmonic structure at the correct pitch. It was carefully calculated to enable effortless intonation, perfectly tuned harmonics, evenness of sound, and exceptionally well-balanced registers.

Altus Flutes was founded on friendships, collaborations, intense research, and a passionate devotion to music as an essential part of life. Co-founder and Chief Designer Shuichi Tanaka and renowned British flute player William Bennett shared an interest in music, culture, and flute-making. Mr. Bennett combined his vast musical experience and desire for precise intonation with Mr. Tanaka’s flute-making vision to create the Altus Scale. The resulting product speaks for itself in being sought after by top players worldwide.

Altus continually develops the Altus Scale through collaboration with some of the world’s foremost players to make our flutes a better instrument for musical expression.

The tone holes' size, relative distance, and key height determine an instrument’s scale. At the same time, for musical expression, the player changes the dynamics, sound palette, and pitch by subtly changing the air speed and direction. A precise scale helps the player achieve the tone shade they want without compromising the pitch.

The Altus Scale is a hallmark of the Altus flute-making tradition, but more significantly, it results in the ideal expressive instrument for flute players.