Altus @ NFA 2015 – Connecting with our Community

Altus booth NFA

The Altus team would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth at NFA 2015. It was great seeing everyone in the Altus family, including our artists, professionals, dealers, students and parents! Without all of you Altus would not be able to say we have the best family in the industry! We appreciate how you have embraced the Altus story and how you have adopted us into your flute playing activities and keep us informed about what you are doing with your Altus flute.

For those who just learned of Altus, we thank you for your interest in finding out about our flutes and all the people involved, from creators Speedy Tanaka and William Bennett to our young artists buying their first professional handmade flute. You never know, one of our new young players could be the next Altus artist.

If you attended the Altus Exhibitor Showcase and would like more information about the Harmony Flutes, or If you would like to be on the Altus email list for our monthly newsletter, please feel free to join at “Newsletter Sign Up” here:

We will be seeing you in the coming months at various flute shows and dealer events, as well as the 2016 NFA Conference in San Diego.

Thank you again and we hope to hear from you.

The Altus Team

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