Each Altus flute comes complete with a professional, handcrafted headjoint. Silver headjoints are offered with three different cuts and include precious metal options for lip plates and risers made from gold of platinum. Headjoints can be purchased separately with a variety of tubing, material, and cuts.

Altus headjoint

Classic Cut

Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, this headjoint provides vibrant warmth with excellent projection. Its pure tonal center allows the artist great flexibility with an infinite color palette.


With a more rectangular embouchure hole with minimal over and undercutting, this headjoint produces a quick response without sacrificing flexibility or control. The sound is open and free with a darker tonal color.


Altus has created one of its most powerful headjoints capable of producing an exceptional tonal depth without sacrificing flexibility. Featuring a high front wall and steep angled lip plate, this headjoint performs at the cutting edge of modern headjoint design.