Mystery, Intrigue, Profound

Altus Harmony flutes offer many qualities not generally found in other flutes. Specifically designed for either the soloist or ensemble player, the Altus Harmony collection provides the most ergonomic finger position and accurate intonation for ease of expression and rich tonal color.

Features include hand cut embouchure holes, hand soldered C# tone holes, drawn tone holes, mother of pearl buttons on key extensions, French pointed arms, and stainless steel springs. Trill keys and Split E mechanisms are included on all Altus Harmony flutes.

Flute d’Amore

The 1009 Altus d’Amore body is a seamed Britannia 958 Silver with soldered tone holes and is paired with a silver-plated mechanism. Standard options include a B or C foot, and a special order open hole version is available.

800 Alto

The 800 Series models feature a sterling lip plate and riser only on an all silver-plated tube.

900 Alto

The 900 Series models feature Sterling Silver headjoints and silver-plated bodies.

1000 Alto

The 1000 Series models feature an all Sterling Silver tube.


The 823se Altus Bass Flute headjoint features a Sterling 925 Silver lip plate and riser.