Altus Flutes Announces New Atsui Series

Atsui Finish

Mt. Juliet, TN (December 12, 2012) – Altus flutes proudly introduces the new Atsui series of flutes in Platinum and 18K Gold. In Japanese, Atsui means thick, deep, powerful, and strong. This new series by Altus lives up to its name.

The Atsui 18K Gold: Features a layer of 18K Gold over a Sterling Silver flute. The 18K gold darkens and warms the sound, while the silver maintains an underlying energy and excitement in the tone. The 18K gold layer adds a beautiful look to the flute as well, with gold coated tubing, ribs, and posts.

The Atsui Platinum: Features a layer of Platinum over a Sterling Silver flute. The platinum adds powerful force and exceptional projection to the brilliance of the silver. It also is a darker sound than silver with a broader tonal palette. The sound is best described as powerful, haunting, and seductive.

The founder and creator of the Altus flutes, Shuichi Tanaka, is one of the most extraordinary flute makers to emerge from the Japanese flute-making tradition. Tanaka’s enthusiasm for the instruments manufactured in the European flute-making tradition (Böhm and Lot among others) spurred him on to develop a flute which was inspiring and colorful as well as modern. His fascination with metallurgy led to extensive experimentation with materials and how they affect the sound and resonance of the instrument, resulting in innovative instruments like the new Atsui series of flutes.

“The new Atsui flutes continue the tradition of color and flexibility that Altus is known for and combines it with a darker tonal character that is new for Altus.” says Liz Pritchett, Altus Sales Manager. “It’s exciting to continue Altus’s tradition of innovation into a new era with such a gorgeous new sound.”

Altus Flutes is a respected maker of handcrafted, flutes of the highest quality. Altus is recognized internationally for its superior craftsmanship and superb innovation and has quickly become the flute of choice for many educators, performing artists, and orchestral players.

Media Contact: Kevin Philbin